Honorary Chair

2017 Honorary Chairs – Dr. Sid & Debbie Kasuga

Dr. Sid and Debbie Kasuga’s legacy in the healthcare field, their passion for community and their focus on family makes it clear how fortunate INBC is to have this phenomenal couple as our Honorary Chairs for Epicurean Delight 2017!

Sid utilized his skills and passion for people at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland, before deciding to move west in 1970. Settling in the Spokane area, Sid quickly fell in love with the Inland Northwest. Sid and Debbie say their passion for the people in the area and the gorgeous scenery led to their decision to raise their children – and now grandchildren – in the lovely lilac city.

Before retirement, Sid worked as an immunologist at Deaconess Hospital and passed on his knowledge to future healthcare professionals by teaching at the University of Washington and Eastern Washington University. Debbie worked at Deaconess as a clinical laboratory scientist. Through their experience in the medical field, they saw the importance of donating blood and the role blood products play in patient care.

Utilizing his knowledge and expertise in the medical field, Sid served on Inland Northwest Blood Center’s Board of Directors. He served as Chair of the Board in 2009 when Jeff Bryant was hired as the President and CEO, and INBC affiliated with Blood Systems. Sid graciously served on the board until INBC’s merger with Blood Systems, and now actively sits on the board of the Blood Center Foundation of the Inland Northwest. He enjoys the diverse skill set of the board, which collectively serves as a great asset to the community through the organization.

Despite their wonderful contributions to the healthcare field and our community, Sid and Debbie are most proud of their two daughters, Stacey and Tera, and their six wonderful grandchildren. Now in retirement, they focus largely on their family and enjoying their lives and experiences with the children and grandchildren they hold so dearly.

We thank the Kasuga’s for decades of community service and will celebrate their generosity at Epicurean Delight on Friday, November 10th!